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With the thriving development of streaming television services (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu), the consumption pattern for multimedia content has radically changed. If before their appearance it was possible to watch movies and entertaining shows only on TV via the antenna / cable, or on a computer on the Internet, today smart TVs are increasingly used in homes for this. Due to the fact that the speed of Internet access is now quite high, and the world is smoothly moving to the Internet of things , no one wants to miss the favorite show or film. What is Smart TV , what advantages and disadvantages does it have already told you in our material . Today we will tell you about the best models of Smart TV in 2017. Therefore, if you choose a brand new TV, then sit back and read our rating.

Best Smart TV in 2017: LG OLED55B6P


Smart TV LG OLED55B6P – it’s just an excellent TV, which not only easily fit into any interior, but also greatly embellish it. This model from LG has simply stunning technical characteristics: a diagonal display 55 inches with a resolution of 4K Ultra HD. Thanks to a quality display, this model can boldly boast of one of the best black colors on the market. In addition, LG OLED55B6P is able to produce a bright and juicy picture with the widest viewing angles. Also, the Smart TV function, which is built on a convenient and easy-to-use Web OS 3.0 platform, is also well implemented in TV. Right out of the box on this TV you will be able to use such popular streaming TV services as Netflix and Amazon, CBS All Access, PBS, PBS Kids and Watch ESPN. We are sure that such a set will be enough for you to forget about cable TV or satellite dish forever.

Together with a good picture you also get a crystal clear sound from Harmon Kardon. Thanks to this audio sub- system, you definitely do not want to buy an additional surround sound system. Also, the TV supports voice search for easy and convenient navigation of content. To connect additional devices, you can use Bluetooth. In general, if you have a large enough budget to buy a new smart TV, then boldly buy the LG OLED55B6P. You definitely will not be disappointed.

Best Budget Smart TV: TCL 40S305 w / Roku

TCL 40S305 w Roku

If you are looking for an inexpensive smart TV, but do not want to put up with compromises, then we recommend that you look at the TCL 40S305 w model. This is a relatively inexpensive model with a screen diagonal of 40 inches. In addition, the screen has a resolution of 1080p, LED backlight and a refresh rate of 60 Hz. But the main advantage of this model is a very convenient and friendly operating system from Roku. Thanks to it, you can easily access more than 3000 channels of streaming TV, and it’s easy to connect game consoles , cable TV or satellite dish and a lot of other devices. Also we were impressed by the ability to search for content. Now you do not have to go through long lists of movies and shows in search of what you need. You can easily sort the content by name, actors, year of release and so on. Control of the TV can be made not only directly through the remote control, but also through special applications for iOS and Android.

You can significantly expand the list of available multimedia by using special applications from Netflix and YouTube. That’s why, thanks to the inexpensive price and the maximum of the TCL 40S305 w’s capabilities, it’s unquestionably the best budget TV with Smart TV capability.

Best Smart TV with 4K resolution: LG E6 OLED Ultra HD TV


Recently, more and more multimedia content with a resolution of 4K. In order to fully enjoy such a high resolution you need to take care of the corresponding screen. And the best TV for 4K we consider LG E6 OLED Ultra HD TV. Thanks to an amazing combination of a diagonal of 50 inches, a high contrast value, ideal viewing angles and high brightness, you can fully enjoy a quality image. In addition, this TV supports HDR technology and has one of the best operating systems for Smart TV – WebOS 3.0.

With interfaces to connect, everything is more than good. In the LG E6 there are as many as four HDMI ports, an Ethernet port and three USB ports. The sound is also at an altitude. And all this fit into the case with a thickness of only 22 mm. WebOS 3.0 itself can offer users such features as Magic Remote, Magic Mobile Connection and Magic Zoom. Especially we want to mention the function Magic Remote, which, probably, is the best, for today, navigation system in Smart TV. Thanks to a simple user interface, you can easily find the option you need or choose from a large list of available content the movie you need. As for the pre-installed services of streaming TV, the TV can offer such services as Netflix, Amazon Video and Vudu.

Best Smart TV for games: Samsung UN55KS8000

Samsung UN55KS8000

You can connect the game console to almost any modern TV. But we think that it will be most comfortable to play sitting in front of Samsung UN55KS8000. The main chip of this TV from Samsung is a screen based on quantum dots, which is able to display just fantastic colors at a resolution of 4K. We assure you that you will simply fall in love with the game picture on the screen of this model.

Functional Smart TV in Samsung UN55KS8000 is also on top. Separately, I want to note a greatly simplified control panel, which allows you to easily and quickly manage all the functions in the TV OS. If you compare the remote controllers from all models in our review, then the winner is Samsung. Streaming services are presented in the model by applications from Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and YouTube. At what all these services deliver content in 4K resolution.

Best Smart TV for streaming: Sony XBR75X940

Sony XBR75X940

The biggest model in our review is the Sony XBR75X940. Just think, the screen diagonal of this TV is an impressive 75 inches. In addition, it supports 4K resolution and a refresh rate of 120Hz, which is part of the MotionFlow XR 960 smooth motion display system. And the screen also has HDR support, so you can enjoy a picture with more colors, better detail and more contrast.

You may wonder why this model became the winner of the “Best Smart TV for viewing streaming” rating? The answer is very simple, because as the operating system here is installed a pure Android TV. Thanks to this, you can easily connect to such popular services as Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Hulu, YouTube and Google Play Movies. If you become a little content from these services, then you can easily use Google Cast – a service for streaming movies and music directly from your smartphone or tablet. If you have a Sony PlayStation, then at your service is the brand-name streaming service PlayStation Now.

And it’s worth mentioning that for additional convenience of search this model of smart TV can recognize commands in 42 languages. Therefore, the need to use the remote control disappears by itself.


If you decide to buy a new TV, we recommend that you look at the models with the Smart TV function. Of course, such models are slightly more expensive than conventional TVs, but in return you get many additional functions that expand the functionality of the device. If you decide to buy yourself a clever TV, then each model from our collection will be an excellent candidate for purchase. But, the best smart TV model in 2017 is LG OLED55B6P. Thanks to the quality matrix and the friendliness of the software, you will definitely get a lot of positive emotions from using this model. With a limited budget, we recommend that you take a closer look at the TCL 40S305 w / Roku. Of course, this model does not have the best screen, but here on the software part it will definitely give odds to many models with a much larger price tag. Successful shopping for you and see you in the following materials.

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