Plantronics RIG 600 Gaming Headset – Review

Plantronics has long produced high-quality and well-equipped headsets for gamers. And on LAN-parties, Plantronics products are everywhere. The RIG500 headset was announced last year, but already in 2017 the manufacturer decided to release an updated model.

Since the headphones are mobile-oriented, they have a corresponding appearance. Plantronics has chosen for RIG600 a simple and rigorous design so that the owner does not look as if he was going to a LAN party.

Plantronics RIG600 Technical Specifications

Headphone Specifications

  • Frequency range: 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Speaker diameter: 40 mm
  • Maximum power: 40 mW

Microphone Features

  • Frequency range: 100 Hz – 10 kHz
  • A type: Omnidirectional

General characteristics

  • The weight: 250 grams
  • Length of cable: 1.5 m / 1.3 m
  • Cable: Plastic

Appearance and workmanship


At first glance, all the surfaces of the headphones are matte black. They are added a few golden accents, which dilute the strict design, so that the headphones do not look too simple or boring. But compared to many gaming models, the design of the RIG600 can not be called aggressive or bright. But the headphones will not attract too much attention when used on trips or on the street.

Ear pads are covered with artificial leather, also matte with perforation. The latter provides additional air circulation. In general, soft ear cushions were quite comfortable. Golden stitches on the shackle are well written off in the overall design.

Headphone convincing can be called not only the appearance, but also the quality of production. High-quality materials are used, the headphones themselves are assembled firmly and conscientiously. The general impression of getting to know the headphones is positive. Its price RIG 600 from Plantronics work out in full.



The ear-cups of the RIG600 completely cover the auricle, but do not lie on top of it. The advantage of this system is that the pressure is distributed directly to the skull, the ears do not get tired. The inner diameter of the ear cups is about 50 mm, so there is more than enough space. The depth of space for the auricles is also enough.

The handle can be adjusted within 70 mm, so it is suitable for users with a large head. To facilitate adjustment, the bow is chamfered, but they do not hold the preset position securely. Therefore, adjusting the shackle can be lost when, for example, you take off or put on headphones.

We liked the texture and perforation of the ear cups. As a result, the ears under the cups do not heat up, the air continues to circulate. The ear pads are relatively soft, they adapt well to the surface of the head. But if you wear glasses, we recommend measuring headphones before buying. Because of the arches, a “leakage area” of sound can be formed, so the insulation will not be so good.

In general, the headphones RIG600 can be called very comfortable. Weight of about 250 grams is also acceptable.

Sound Quality

We liked the sound of the RIG600, equipped with 40-mm speakers. As usual, we tested the headphones on the reference composition “Forgiven not Forgotten”. The low frequencies were quite powerful, but not excessive, the mid-frequencies balanced. The voice pleases with good detail, high frequencies are also felt. Our reference composition is quite rich, but the headphones did not lose balance. However, in direct comparison with the previously tested Sennheiser GAME ZERO, the difference was still noticeable, and not in favor of the RIG600. The more expensive Sennheiser headphones we got more details and better dynamics.

Plantronics has achieved good noise isolation of headphones. The design is closed, so external noise did not penetrate inside. In general, we liked the sound of Stereo headphones by Plantronics, especially if we use them for games. The headphones reproduce the smallest details and transmit the direction well, which allows us to detect the enemy in time.

An omnidirectional mic on the rod is included in the package. He also showed himself on the best side, the noise suppression function worked convincingly. Therefore, nothing will interfere with communication with your team in the game. The only drawback we noticed not immediately – the volume control. Honestly, the manufacturer would do well to add the ability to adjust the volume directly on the headphones. The cable did not really like it either, because it is a normal plastic one, without a cloth braid. However, given the price, this can be reconciled.


The headphones RIG600 look very nice. Strict and stylish black design accents with golden inserts. The quality of production is also excellent, especially if you look at the price. The materials are also quality and pleasant to the touch. From this side, the headphones proved to be very worthy.

We liked the idea of ​​mobile use of gaming headphones. With two sets of cables, only a compact cable with a built-in microphone can be taken on a trip. Even remove headphones from your head. We liked the sound of 40-mm speakers. He was balanced, with good detail.  The RIG600 headset can be safely recommended for purchase. Especially if you do not sit behind the games around the clock, and you need a universal model that is good not only in stationary use, but also on trips and on the street.

Advantages of Plantronics RIG600:

  • Good price / quality ratio
  • High quality workmanship
  • Simple but stylish design

Disadvantages Plantronics RIG600:

  • Cable Material
  • Lack of volume control on headphones

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