how to choose a studio microphone for a home studio

Recording Studio Microphones: The Beginner’s Guide

Tape or dynamic? Lamp or capacitor? What should be the ideal microphone for a home studio, which can provide high-quality professional sound in any conditions? If you care about such questions, we are ready to help you in this!

A high-quality studio microphone opens up a wide range of possibilities for its owners in the world of sound recording. Fixation of supersensitive sound vibrations allows not only to transmit sound in its natural, pure measurement, but also as accurately as possible to convey the timbre coloration of the voice with all its subtleties of sounds.

Plantronics RIG 600 Gaming Headset – Review

Plantronics has long produced high-quality and well-equipped headsets for gamers. And on LAN-parties, Plantronics products are everywhere. The RIG500 headset was announced last year, but already in 2017 the manufacturer decided to release an updated model.

Since the headphones are mobile-oriented, they have a corresponding appearance. Plantronics has chosen for RIG600 a simple and rigorous design so that the owner does not look as if he was going to a LAN party.

Samsung UN55KS8000

The best Smart TVs

With the thriving development of streaming television services (Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and Hulu), the consumption pattern for multimedia content has radically changed. If before their appearance it was possible to watch movies and entertaining shows only on TV via the antenna / cable, or on a computer on the Internet, today smart TVs are increasingly used in homes for this. Due to the fact that the speed of Internet access is now quite high, and the world is smoothly moving to the Internet of things , no one wants to miss the favorite show or film. What is Smart TV , what advantages and disadvantages does it have already told you in our material . Today we will tell you about the best models of Smart TV in 2017. Therefore, if you choose a brand new TV, then sit back and read our rating.